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Today is the last day for registrations

20. August 2022

Registrations are only possible today at info point. The starting fee is 40 EUR, each competitor also has to put 20 EUR deposit for the chip, which is refunded after the chip is returned (after the race). Tomorrow you can join us as spectator, or you can watch the live stream on moreltv.com.

Parking options for cars

18. August 2022

There is a parking garage from Stadium Stozice right next to info point. That entrance will be closed on the day of the event, but it is possible to drive from Entrance 5 (the one next to the motorway) right to info point. It is cheapest to pick P+R option with Urbana card which is 2 EUR per day. When you drive in, you need to buy an Urbana card (you also get 2 bus rides for free for that day) and then you select P+R option for the payment.

Visit Ljubljana

16. August 2022

Ljubljana has a lot to offer. Plan you weekend in Ljubljana with ideas from https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/ and we are sure you will love every second of your stay. Beside obvious choices of visiting Ljubljana Castle, there are a lot of museums and Tivoli Park to enjoy nature in the middle of the Slovenia capital city.

Bont is sponsoring intermediate sprints

08. August 2022

Bont decided that they will sponsor awards for intermediate sprints after 1st and 4th lap. Because awards fund includes  4x Bont SuperCell 2.0 frame and 4x Bont CXXV frame we have decided that all participants in inline skating will have an option to win the prize. Each inline skating competitor will place his number in the raffle bag at the starting number pickup.

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