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Epidemic cancelled

16. May 2020

Yesteday our government cancelled the epidemic, which basically means that measures valid until end of May will not be prolonged. This is a great news, as already now the trainings can go ahead and some smaller events are also possible. We belive that with the proactive hygene we can avoid the second wave of Covid-19 in our country and still provide some entertainment for all competitors and spectators of inline speed roller skating in Ljubljana.

Covid-19 situation is under control

02. May 2020

It seems like our medical workers managed to be on top of the pandemics, so now that Covid-19 situation is under contorl, we will slowly start returning to normal life, with our tranings and events. We also expect government to loosen the restrictions by end of the May.

Update for Covid-19 situation

16. April 2020

We are all supporting our health care and medical workers by #stayathome . Even though, we are optimistic about inline speed skating later this summer, so we are on track with our efforts for the organization of the Inline speed skating halfmarathon in Ljubljana, right next to Stozice sports stadium. The 23rd August weekend will provide a nice start to your 2020 season and a clear target for all the regional skaters hungry for the events.

First glance of our website

04. April 2020

Our website is up and running and available for quick browsing. Keep in mind we will be adding additional information soon and constantly, so please frequently check us. Make sure you like your Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RKLjubljana/) and that you check our club's website (https://www.rklj.si). We are dedicated to bring some form of inline speed skating in the 2020 season amid the Covid-19 global pandemic.

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