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Participant information

Participants can participate in inline skates compliant to the World Skate rules. Especially keep in mind the maximum length from end of last wheel to tip of first wheel, which is 50cm and with maximum wheel diameter for 125mm (in this case only 3wheels per foot are allowed). Helmets are obligatory while we also recommend other protective equipment such as wrist, elbow and knee pads. Winner is person who first completes 9 laps (22km) or 17 laps (42km) and crosses the finish line (bruto time). Skate 1 lap with family is meant for 1 adult to skate with at least 1 child. This fun event enables that promotes kids on roller skates. One lap is also a segment on Strava.

Hotels and accomodation

We have managed to obtain some special prices for competitors with several hotels in the region. If you would like to spend whole weekend in Ljubljana to focus more on the race itself without stress of travel, we advise you to check below list of the hotels and accommodations.

Starting number pickup

You can pick your starting number at our information point on Saturday at 13:00 local time until 18.00. No pickup of starting numbers on Sunday. Information point is located on final bus station number 13 named: Center Stozice.

Starting blocks

All start procedures will begin on the main start area. Each participant should take their spot on the circle drawn on the floor in the correct sector assigned to them at starting number pickup. Please respect others and the distance around yourself. Make sure you are within starting area at least 5 minutes before start. Starting sectors close 5 minutes before the start. In case you are late, you will have to start after the last sector. Each participant shall wear a mask until they reach their starting spot on the starting line.

Medal ceremony

Medal ceremony for the top3 absolute men and women in ranking of inline skating, roller ski and handbike will take place on main start area stage. Best 3 men and women in general inline skating ranking will receive money awards of 100 EUR, 80 EUR and 50 EUR. Best 3 men and women in general rollerski ranking will receive money awards of 100 EUR, 80 EUR and 50 EUR if there are more than 10 registered competitors per gender. Award money is only paid out to competitors that are part of award ceremony. Payout options are to be agreed personally as amounts are in gross. Each participant will be able to pick up participation medal after completing the course. If you do not receive it, please contact us through our e-mail and we will arrange for a medal to be sent on your cost. Medal ceremony per categories will not be public.

Age groups and categories

Age is calculated based on World skate rules which means year of event - year of birth. All categories compete for absolute ranking, but we will assign best competitors to the first starting sector. :


Saturday, 17th August 2024

Info point, Sport center Stožice next to entrance/exit in parking garage - Entrance 1, open between 13.00 and 18.00


Stroll around Ljubljana and feeling the city atmosphere

Sunday, 18th August 2024

Info point, Sport center Stožice next to entrance/exit in parking garage - Entrance 1, open between 7.00 and 14.00



Course is located next to Stadium Stozice in Ljubljana, where parking and changing rooms will be provided on site. Course than takes the four lane road to and from Ljubljana center with ample area around for the spectators to enjoy. Course has long incline and long decline without sharp turns.Course is 2.45km long and competitors complete 9 laps for 22.05km in total, or 17 laps for 41.65km in total

Course map

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Strava segment

Start and finish area

Start and finish is on the same line. Each participant shall position in the assigned sector on his floor marking. That way we will ensure ample space around everyone before the start. Allow enough time to get to your sector and spot as starting zone closes 5 minutes before start. In case participant is late, he/she will start in the last sector.

Dressing rooms

Dressing rooms will be available in Stadium Stozice. You will be able to leave your clothes in the provided bag only and you will be able to retrieve it with your starting number. We do not take any responsibility about items in the bag. Restrooms will be provided on spot and in restrooms. Warmup on the course is allowed after the course is closed for traffic. Warmup around start sectors is not allowed. Parking garage (we recommend paying for Park And Ride) is accessible using entrances 1 and 5.

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