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Winners of marathon from Italy and Austria, for halfmarathon from Poland and Slovenia

20. August 2023

On 4th inline speed skating halfmarathon Ljubljana the competition started with men's 42km race, where Heinz Zimmerman won with a daring attack from the group of favourites which many were unable to follow. In women's field we saw Desiana Caniatti and Monika  Sick battling it out until the final lap where on the last climb Desiana has more power and was able to secure the victory. On 21km race, the main event of the day, Pawel Ciężki attacked from the start and after 3 laps, the peloton started to think about fight for 2nd place. Women's event however was much more tactical. Nina Černič managed to attack 4 laps from the finish and dropped Tanja Wachswender and Tadeja Donko who battled it out for the 2nd place in a long sprint to the line.

Izidi: maraton 21 km- moški: 1: Pawel Ciezki (Poljska) 39:39.45, 2. Patrizio Giulioni (Italija) 42:40.12, 3. Georg Ulz (Avstrija) 42:52.94, ženske: 1. Nina Černič (Slovenija) 48:08.20, 2. Tanja Wachswender (Avstrija) 50:10.01, 3. Tadeja Donko (Slovenija) 50:10.82, maraton 42 km- moški: 1. Heinz Zimmermann ( Avstrija) 1:20:31.11, 2. Paolo Bomben (Italija) 1:22:07.25, 3. Roberto De Bei (Italija) 1:24:30.27, ženske: 1. Desiana Caniatti (Italija) 1:29:46.92. 2. Monika Sick (Avstrija) 1:29:52.27, 3. Monica Cais (Italija) 1:35:40.75.

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