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Sightseeing Ljubljana

14. July 2023

Ljubljana is probably one of the greenest cities in Europe where you will rarely find a square without a tree or grass. But that is not all Ljubljana has to offer. It has history, museums, and everything else you would expect from a capital city. In summer Ljubljana hosts many events which you can check on Visit Ljubljana website.  We invite every competitor and spectator to spend a race weekend in Ljubljana. On Saturday you should have some time for a quick sightseeing, and on Sunday you can also check some interesting spots before heading home.

Tourism Ljubljana is sponsoring our event and we are more than happy to help you with some tips for a well spent Saturday. Ljubljana castle has a great sight of all the city, but you can also enjoy walking along the Ljubljanica river and the old city center. You can skate around most of the Ljubljana (some streets next to the city council have cobble stones) on a great asphalt, so do not be afraid to explore the main attractions from the outside on your inline skates.

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