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Bont is sponsoring intermediate sprints

08. August 2022

Bont decided that they will sponsor awards for intermediate sprints after 1st and 4th lap. Because awards fund includes  4x Bont SuperCell 2.0 frame and 4x Bont CXXV frame we have decided that all participants in inline skating will have an option to win the prize. Each inline skating competitor will place his number in the raffle bag at the starting number pickup.

But to keep competitive spirit the first 5 competitors (male and female) after the 1st lap will get 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 empty slots on which they can write any starting number of participants (in his gender) including own. On the end of 4th lap first 3 competitors get 3, 2, 1 empty slots to put in the raffle box. After the end of the race at award ceremony both winners (men and women) of 1st lap intermediate sprint and 4th lap intermediate sprints will pull the numbers out of the raffle bag and the two lucky winners will get to pick their own Bont SuperCell 2.0 frame, including hardness, size and color. After that the winners of the inline skating halfmarathon (men and women) will select 2 winners for Bont CXXV frames. Each competitor can only win 1 frame, and in case the starting number is selected again the raffle is redrawn until the unique number is selected. The won frames will be shipped by Bont directly to each competitor individually. In case of any unforeseen situation the organization will decide on the final decision.

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