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Andrea Bighin and Laura Lorenzato won this year

23. August 2020

Andrea Bighin (Polisportiva Casier) won from a breakaway with attack before the last lap, and Laura Lorenzato (EO World skate team) also attacked in the last lap to win with a decent margin before the rest. The race unfolded quite differently although professional teams on the end gave little chance to everyone else in fight for victory.

The race started in dry conditions and already after first attack Andrea Bighin (Polisportiva Casier), Anze and Gal Gros (Rolerski klub Ljubljana) and Nejc Mavsar (Rolerski klub Kranj) managed to breakaway from the peloton in men's race. But shortly after it started to rain and Gal Gros (Rolerski klub Ljubljana) was slowly loosing contact with breakaway, while peloton was closing in. But as roads started to dry Gal Gros (Rolerski klub Ljubljana) managed to come back to main group and even made couple of attacks with his brother Anze (Rolerski klub Ljubljana), but both Andrea Bighin (Polisportiva Casier) and Nejc Mavsar (Rolerski klub Kranj) managed to catch them. Just before the last lap Andrea (Polisportiva Casier) made a strong attack and while Anze Gros (Rolerski klub Ljubljana) could follow at beginning, he gave up and tried to save the 2nd place. Meanwhile Nejc Mavsar (Rolerski klub Kranj) and Gal Gros (Rolerski klub Ljubljana) ended up with sprint to the line, where Nejc Mavsar won and finished 3rd.

Women's race also started in dry conditions and the main pack stayed together. On the end Ana Odlazek, Laura Lorenzato (EO World skate team), Camillla Beggiato (Polisportiva Casier) and Aleksandra Szymkiewicz (Zico Racing Team) were the only ones left after the rain started. They were also together when the road dried up and then the strong attack from Laura Lorenzato (EO World skate team) broke the group with Ana Odlazek in pursuit it was up to Camilla Begiato (Polisportiva Casier) and Aleksandra Szymkiewicz  (Zico Racing Team) to sprint for 3rd. Camilla (Polisportiva Casier) won with a hawk to the line and ended on podium.

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